My Sewing Journey

IKEA sewing machineI got into sewing a few years ago. My first sewing machine was a mini one. I didn’t  do a lot with it  but I learnt that I could use it and that I was interested in sewing. I decided to sell my mini sewing machine to invest in a proper one. Luckily that was just around the time IKEA launched their sewing machine. The IKEA machine is very reasonably priced (€55), especially considering a Signer or Brother entry model costs well over €100💸. I am still using and loving my IKEA sewing machine after all these years and am not looking for an upgrade yet❤️.

I learnt how to sew from the books below; I was never thought by anyone on how to sew. All I know about sewing is down to these books and the odd random YouTube video. I will admit that my sewing is not top notch but its definitely decent! I am a firm believer of trial and error as the best way to learn.

boots collage

The DK Dressmaking book is great for beginners as it covers all the basics with detailed colour photographs. Vogue Sewing is fabulous, it covers more sewing techniques and because it’s Vogue, the book is more focused on fashion. It really goes into a lot of detail about sewing the perfect garment for your body type which I found really helpful. Finally, Couture Sewing Techniques as the name suggests it’s about couture sewing. Claire provides lots of information about couture fashion and it has some techniques that aren’t mentioned in the other books🔎.

How did you begin your sewing journey and what would books/blogger/website/youtubber would you recommend💬?