Black Floral Lace Shirt


The Story

I finally got around to making a lace shirt, I am sure by now they are no longer fashionable! They became a real item of desire in 2014 when lace started to be a prominent trend. We couldn’t look through a fashion magazine or go to a boutique without seeing some sort of lace.  I totally love the sexy femininity that lace brings out in all girls. 💃🏻

Pictured below are some shirt made by D&G and Valentino, the masters of romantic styles. 🌹




Contrasting collar and cuffs , a bling bling top button 💎, conceal front button packet.

I didn’t use the edges of the lace because I was feeling a little lazy, but I have kept them! So hopefully they will be a feature in the next project.


bur6954I used Burda Style 6954 – Miss Petit. I have used this pattern before to make a sleeveless shirt, which you can read about here.

As mentioned in my previous post, I have a love hate relationship with this pattern. I doubt I will use this pattern again to make a shirt with sleeves as they are MASSIVE. It all seems so out of proportion for a petit pattern and this was before the big lantern sleeves trend.


I left out the darts as I thought they would have looked odd. Lace shirts look much better when they are a little loose because its already so sexy that you don’t need a tightly fitted structure, otherwise it would just be OTT. And also no darts means less work! 😉

Working with lace

This was my first time working with lace and it turned about to be a lot easier than I imagined. I was worried about how would I straighten the fabric, but all I needed to do was follow the lace pattern and I was able to straighten with no issue. But I did ruin my pair of dressmaker scissors… So a heads up if you have a pair of favourite/expensive scissors!✂️😢


I made the button hole at the wrong side at my first attempt and was too lazy to redo the whole collar! Ha!… Oops…🙈


20170113_113949_smallItalian  black lace – from Murphy Sheehy during their summer sale. I can’t remember the price but it was a great bargain. I bought so much of it cause it was such a good price! So plenty of black lace pieces to come. I better get started making them before the lace trend becomes tacky.

White Tana Lawn (100% cotton €13.50/m) – from Cloth Dublin. This was some left over from my White Cotton Shirt project.


As I can’t remember the cost of the black lace (the main feature) I am unable to say exactly how much this shirt cost me to made. But I am sure its below €40! Which is great since the Valentino shirt above was retailing at over €900!💰

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Sleeveless White Cotton Shirt with Contrasting Collar & Front Band


The Story 

A well fitted white shirt is an essential piece to any office wear collection. A good shirt is crisp, clean and well fitted.👚✨ But its not easy to get shirt that fits well off the high-street stores; sleeves too long, bust area inappropriately tight for the office, too loose/tight around the waist and fabric sticking out the back are just a few of the problems I have encountered.

The Making Of

FotorCreated (1)

Sewing Pattern

I used Burda Style 6954 – Miss Petit to make my  sleeveless shirt.

It probably looks like I was trying to make Shirt A but when I bought this pattern I wanted to make Shirt B but sleeves turned out to be massive. It looked like I wearing two lanterns on my arms so I decided to take them off altogether as I struggled a lot with this pattern and was in no mood to alter them after putting in French seams and all. ✂️

6266I have a love hate relationship with this pattern. I loved it because it was easy to shorten it. It had three lengthening/shortening sections: the bust, above and below the waistline. Although this is a petite pattern I still needed to take 3 inches off. The shirt fits really well  and is very flattering as the darts gives a neat shaping to show of the waistline and bust.

I hated this pattern as the instructions were really unclear and difficult to follow. I was struggling to understand them. When I was sewing my collar I used New Look 6266 pattern instructions instead as they are of the same style and I could understand it.🤔


The little pink flowered  fabric I used for the collar were left overs so I didn’t have enough to make the collar. So I got creative and only used it for the front and the plain white cotton for the back of the collar.😊


I bought white cotton lawn for the main construction of the shirt. The contrasting collar and bands are made of up-cycled from a failed project which is also cotton lawn.

Cotton Lawn

Cotton lawn is finer than standard cotton with a gentler tough and flow to it. It is a good quality high thread count fabric. I have been total its supposed to be hard wearing too, but I have yet to confirm that.🛠


This shirt cost me ~€15.  I have about half meter of each fabric left, but all cut up like the two sleeves. Not sure what I will do with the scraps…🙈

  • White Tana Lawn – 100% cotton – €13.50/m
  • Little Pink Flower Tana Lawn With Embroidered Fleck – 100% Cotton – €15.00/m
  • Buttons from an old sweater

Both from The Cloth Shop @ Dublin