Red Floral-Print Silk Crepe De Chine Sleeveless Shirt


The Story 

I was out window shopping and when I say this top from The Kooples I instantly remembered I had some red floral-print fabric sitting at home! 🤔


The Making Of

The making of this shirt gets a little interesting. 😯 I made a long sleeve top before with this fabric using the Very Easy Vogue V9085 pattern. It was my first time working with silk and I didn’t realise the importance of pre-shinking your fabric until after I made the top. As a result the top I made was too tight around the bust and I couldn’t move my arms! 😰

As it is such a gorgeous fabric I couldn’t bear throwing it away and decided to do an upcyling project! ♻️

I ripped through the front center seam and  removed the collar, neckline facing and sleeves. I used Vogue pattern 8773 to make the button placket and collar. Luckily everything thing just fitted and matched so I didn’t need to make any alterations or adjustments when I put the two patterns together. Finally, I used one of my sleeves to make some bias tape to neatly finish my armholes.


  • Liberty red floral print silk crepe de chine from Murphy Sheehy, Dublin
  • Black silk crepe de chine from Monn Yue Piece Goods, Hong Kong – HK$60/y
  • Black cotton lace trimming
  • Gold buttons (discounted to €0.52 each) & Vogue white pearl with gold button from Hickey’s Fabric, Dublin

I am very happy with this project as I got to reuse the gorgeous LIberty Silk and who the two different Vogue patterns just fitted.


Black Floral Lace Shirt


The Story

I finally got around to making a lace shirt, I am sure by now they are no longer fashionable! They became a real item of desire in 2014 when lace started to be a prominent trend. We couldn’t look through a fashion magazine or go to a boutique without seeing some sort of lace.  I totally love the sexy femininity that lace brings out in all girls. 💃🏻

Pictured below are some shirt made by D&G and Valentino, the masters of romantic styles. 🌹




Contrasting collar and cuffs , a bling bling top button 💎, conceal front button packet.

I didn’t use the edges of the lace because I was feeling a little lazy, but I have kept them! So hopefully they will be a feature in the next project.


bur6954I used Burda Style 6954 – Miss Petit. I have used this pattern before to make a sleeveless shirt, which you can read about here.

As mentioned in my previous post, I have a love hate relationship with this pattern. I doubt I will use this pattern again to make a shirt with sleeves as they are MASSIVE. It all seems so out of proportion for a petit pattern and this was before the big lantern sleeves trend.


I left out the darts as I thought they would have looked odd. Lace shirts look much better when they are a little loose because its already so sexy that you don’t need a tightly fitted structure, otherwise it would just be OTT. And also no darts means less work! 😉

Working with lace

This was my first time working with lace and it turned about to be a lot easier than I imagined. I was worried about how would I straighten the fabric, but all I needed to do was follow the lace pattern and I was able to straighten with no issue. But I did ruin my pair of dressmaker scissors… So a heads up if you have a pair of favourite/expensive scissors!✂️😢


I made the button hole at the wrong side at my first attempt and was too lazy to redo the whole collar! Ha!… Oops…🙈


20170113_113949_smallItalian  black lace – from Murphy Sheehy during their summer sale. I can’t remember the price but it was a great bargain. I bought so much of it cause it was such a good price! So plenty of black lace pieces to come. I better get started making them before the lace trend becomes tacky.

White Tana Lawn (100% cotton €13.50/m) – from Cloth Dublin. This was some left over from my White Cotton Shirt project.


As I can’t remember the cost of the black lace (the main feature) I am unable to say exactly how much this shirt cost me to made. But I am sure its below €40! Which is great since the Valentino shirt above was retailing at over €900!💰

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Hello Kitty Pencil Case

It has been a while since I got time to sew. So my skills are a little rusty and decided to start with some smaller projects. 👶🏻

First up is a Hello Kitty boxy pencil case. ✏️The outer super cute Hello Kitty fabric is sturdy oxford cotton. To prevent fraying I lined the inside with a cotton in the colour of Hello Kitty’s signature red bow.

More projects to follow during the festive season as I finally got my sewing machine out!✂️

This item is now available on my etsy shop.



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Pastel Blue Lace Pencil Skirt

20161016_132039bThe Story

I made this shirt as a back-up plan for a wedding I was going to the summer that has just gone by. ☀️

As it was only a back-up piece I did not want to spend that much money on it. Getting my materials at good price was essential to this project.


I got the inspiration from having seen an emerald-green D&G lace skirt earlier this year. You can now find this style in the high-street stores such as H&M.


The Making Of



I bought all my materials from Hickeys Fabric.

I saw the lace in the barging-bin as fabric remnant at €13.16. It was difficult to refuse the fabric at that price as we all know lace is expensive.

I decided to go for polycotton as my lining as its cheap and I could also static issues that I would have with the common polyester lining I usually use. In the shop I found some Polycotton poplin in a matching colour at  €4.95/M


I used Vogue Wardrobe V8963 to make my skirt. This was one of the first patterns I bought and still quite like it as the instructions are simple and the styles are timeless.

The original pattern doesn’t require lining, so I made two sets of the front and back pieces, one in the lace and the other in the polycotton poplin.

I am very proud of my French seams and the invisible zipper I put in! I tied to make a blind hem using a special sewing foot I have and failed miserably… so in the end I just made a normal hem.


Originally the lining and the lace were the same length, but when I tried it on I looked quiet aged and short. As a petite girl the last thing I wanted was to look even shorter than I am! So I took the lining up, which makes gives an elongated effect to my legs and a younger vibe (I think).

I am happy with this skirt, though it could have been better if the hem has a scalloped lace finish like the one by H&M. Unfortunately I could not find any lace trimmings to match the colour and also it would added to the cost.

 Thanks for visiting my blog (^.^)

Sleeveless White Cotton Shirt with Contrasting Collar & Front Band


The Story 

A well fitted white shirt is an essential piece to any office wear collection. A good shirt is crisp, clean and well fitted.👚✨ But its not easy to get shirt that fits well off the high-street stores; sleeves too long, bust area inappropriately tight for the office, too loose/tight around the waist and fabric sticking out the back are just a few of the problems I have encountered.

The Making Of

FotorCreated (1)

Sewing Pattern

I used Burda Style 6954 – Miss Petit to make my  sleeveless shirt.

It probably looks like I was trying to make Shirt A but when I bought this pattern I wanted to make Shirt B but sleeves turned out to be massive. It looked like I wearing two lanterns on my arms so I decided to take them off altogether as I struggled a lot with this pattern and was in no mood to alter them after putting in French seams and all. ✂️

6266I have a love hate relationship with this pattern. I loved it because it was easy to shorten it. It had three lengthening/shortening sections: the bust, above and below the waistline. Although this is a petite pattern I still needed to take 3 inches off. The shirt fits really well  and is very flattering as the darts gives a neat shaping to show of the waistline and bust.

I hated this pattern as the instructions were really unclear and difficult to follow. I was struggling to understand them. When I was sewing my collar I used New Look 6266 pattern instructions instead as they are of the same style and I could understand it.🤔


The little pink flowered  fabric I used for the collar were left overs so I didn’t have enough to make the collar. So I got creative and only used it for the front and the plain white cotton for the back of the collar.😊


I bought white cotton lawn for the main construction of the shirt. The contrasting collar and bands are made of up-cycled from a failed project which is also cotton lawn.

Cotton Lawn

Cotton lawn is finer than standard cotton with a gentler tough and flow to it. It is a good quality high thread count fabric. I have been total its supposed to be hard wearing too, but I have yet to confirm that.🛠


This shirt cost me ~€15.  I have about half meter of each fabric left, but all cut up like the two sleeves. Not sure what I will do with the scraps…🙈

  • White Tana Lawn – 100% cotton – €13.50/m
  • Little Pink Flower Tana Lawn With Embroidered Fleck – 100% Cotton – €15.00/m
  • Buttons from an old sweater

Both from The Cloth Shop @ Dublin

My Sewing Journey

IKEA sewing machineI got into sewing a few years ago. My first sewing machine was a mini one. I didn’t  do a lot with it  but I learnt that I could use it and that I was interested in sewing. I decided to sell my mini sewing machine to invest in a proper one. Luckily that was just around the time IKEA launched their sewing machine. The IKEA machine is very reasonably priced (€55), especially considering a Signer or Brother entry model costs well over €100💸. I am still using and loving my IKEA sewing machine after all these years and am not looking for an upgrade yet❤️.

I learnt how to sew from the books below; I was never thought by anyone on how to sew. All I know about sewing is down to these books and the odd random YouTube video. I will admit that my sewing is not top notch but its definitely decent! I am a firm believer of trial and error as the best way to learn.

boots collage

The DK Dressmaking book is great for beginners as it covers all the basics with detailed colour photographs. Vogue Sewing is fabulous, it covers more sewing techniques and because it’s Vogue, the book is more focused on fashion. It really goes into a lot of detail about sewing the perfect garment for your body type which I found really helpful. Finally, Couture Sewing Techniques as the name suggests it’s about couture sewing. Claire provides lots of information about couture fashion and it has some techniques that aren’t mentioned in the other books🔎.

How did you begin your sewing journey and what would books/blogger/website/youtubber would you recommend💬?

Blue Stain & Black Organza Cocktail Dress

French Connection Inspired



French Connection Blue and black Organza Dress, £140.

I saw this dress at French Connection and fell in love with its elegant design, however it was out of my budget and it didn’t fit me properly. I like the dress so much that I decided to make my own one.

Sewing Patterns

4070 Miss & Miss Petite Special Occasion Dresses 1353 Misses' Dresses Leanne Marshall Collection

I combined two patterns: Simplicity 4070 and Simplicity 2345 to make as I thought Simplicity 1353.

I use Simplicity 4070 Miss & Miss Petite Special Occasion Dresses, dress F to create the top/bodice section as I thought the skirt part was too big I decided to use a separate pattern. I choose Simplicity 1353 Misses’ Dresses Leanne Marshall Collection, dress B for the skirt.

In addition to combining the two patterns I also added chiffon ruffle ‘belt’, this gave a much more forgiving and needed definition to my waist.


Italian Blue Satin for the dress, Matt Black Organza for the overlay (surprisingly hard to find, most places only stock crystal organza) and Black Chiffon for the belt.

~€25. I got the satin at a 75% discount during a sale, so that helped to bring down the cost significantly.

Chanel Baby Blue & Pink Wool Jacket

chanel tweed jacket Inspiration


My jacket was inspired by some cropped biker I saw in Ted Baker.

Material & Pattern 

2014-03-08 17.22.49ksp37642

I bought some beautiful Italian baby blue Chanel wool mixed with baby pink and metallic pink from Murphy Sheehy in Dublin a little while ago. First I made a pencil skirt for work with it. I bought the remaining meter of the fabric at a discounted price as it had a bit of flaw in it. With what I had leftover from my skirt and the slightly flawed fabric I had enough for a jacket.

I used the Kwik 3764 pattern for this project. I used the smallest size (XS) for this pattern with additional reductions as the pattern measurements were still too big for me.

Initially, I had a little trouble trying to find a zip that matched the fabric. I found the best, most matching zip I could and ordered zip teeth from ebay to reduce the length to fit my jacket.

Unfortunately it turns out that this style of jacket does not suit me as it doesn’t have much shaping around the waist. I am too lazy at this stage to make alterations as I already drag this little sewing project out for almost a year! Guess it will live at the back of my closet until I can decide what to do with it….

But still happy with how my first jacket turned out. (^^)